Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Build Update

Just thought I'd pop up a few photo's of how the build is going, the brickie (yes, it's one bloke on his own!) started on site two weeks ago and fortunately thus far we've had lovely fine days but the weather man is telling us that it's going to end tomorrow and we're going to have rain which is a pain, but I guess it is winter after all.

These photo's were taken last Saturday and as you can see our brickie is rather slow but he is doing a very neat job which is great.

This first photo is taken from the front of the house by my craft room ... ooops sorry the "Theater", looking down the side towards the kitchen, dining, lounge and alfresco. The first gap in the bricks you can see is the laundry door.

This photo is taken from the back of the house by the alfresco looking back towards the front, this is the corner of the lounge.

This is the wall of our bedroom with the frames for the neighbours roof in the background.

Well, that's all for now, he has done more but by the time we get down there of an evening it's to dark to take any photo's so I'll have to wait until Saturday to get some more.

Until next time.

Kaye :o)

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